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Unable to create instrument identifier

Hi, I created profile-id "CEDACD98-2954-429D-813D-E5E631EC17D7" for merchant-id "wwg_online_b2b", however while hitting the "tms/v1/instrumentidentifiers" POST from the sample code, I am getting error "Profile not found". {"errors":[{"type":"notFound","message":"Profile not found"}]}

Has anyone encountered similar issue? 



We had the same problem. It was related to the profile. The hard-coded profile id isn't valid. You need to get your own profile id from customer support. From what I gather the profile id is used to reference your specific tokens. It's a discount double check if you will that the tokens you are inputting are connected to your account.


Thanks for your response,

I am not using the hard-coded profile ID that comes in the sample, rather I created a new profile  under 'Payment Configuration' -> 'Secure Acceptance' and using the profile-ID of the newly created profile. Although the profile-ID 'CEDACD98-2954-429D-813D-E5E631EC17D7'  is linked to the merchant-id "wwg_online_b2b", however still it is giving {"errors":[{"type":"notFound","message":"Profile not found"}]}. I raised this issue to CyberSource customer support but they closed the ticket without any resolution.

The profile Id you are sending is not matching your account. You must contact customer support to provide you the OTS Profile Id from your merchant configurations. That should solve it.

Alternatively, if you DO NOT pass the profile-id in the request, it should pick the one set up for your account. Give a try and let us know if that solves the problem.

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