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hosted payment page not displaying properly on webserver

When I run my code for gethostedpaymentpage from my development machine, everything is working fine. When I deploy my code onto my webserver, the hosted payment page does not look right at all. There is no error given (e.g. unable to obtain token). The fields such as Description and Invoice Number have the values {{orderDescription}} and {{orderInvoiceNumber}} instead of displaying the correct values. There are no textboxes shown to enter in values, there is a field {{errorMsg}} in red, and buttons stretch across the whole page and do not display their text just parameter names with {}. Everything is jumbled and not formatted correctly.


What could be the problem? It is the exact same code used in both places. Webserver is running TLS 1.2. Using same ID and transaction key.


Thank you. 

Who Me Too'd this topic