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Hello, I am trying to understand how our CIM database on has ended up with duplicate Profiles where the CustomerID has the likeness of a legitimate ID that we have provided, but has appended characters to the end of the ID string. For exampl...
Hi Folks, It seems that a Customer made a purchase that now requires a refund. However, the Customer has changed the credit card number associated with the Payment Token since the purchase. There is only one payment token and it now has the new credi...
Hi Folks, In a seemingly endess project to convert 60,000 customer from AIM to CIM, we failed to record a relatively small number of tokens along the way. For about 100 records, tokens were created (Customer, Payment and Shipping), but they failed to...
Hi Folks, I am in the final stages of an AIM-to-CIM conversion. We are runnng small batches of production transactions in CIM to look for issues...and we found one that stumps me. In this scenario, CIM tokens are already created. To be sure that the ...
Hello, I am part way through the process of generatiing 60,000 Customer Profiles as I convert a client from AIM to CIM. I just noted a passage in the CIM XML Guide (August 2012) that suggests that there might be charges for these transactions. Yikes!...
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