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I tried to check the validation results after creating a customer payment profile in CIM. Here's the code snipet: $rsp = $req->createCustomerPaymentProfile($cim_customer_id, $payment_profile);$vr = $rsp->getValidationResponses();... there's a php war...
What is the difference between getPaymentProfileId() and getCustomerPaymentProfileIds()? When should I use which? I teste using this code: $rsp = $req->createCustomerPaymentProfile($customer_id, $payment, 'testMode');$payment_id = $rsp->getPaymentPro...
Using CIM, I created a new customer with payment profile (createCustomerProfile), but then when I called getValidationResponse() to check if the credit card has been approved, I got an error "Error connecting to AuthorizeNet". Here's code:$rsp = $req...
I'm using CIM to handle customer payment profile. Is it possible to enable AVS for each transaction using CIM? It seems that AVS is only used when a new payment profile is created, but it's not used for each transaction thereafter once a payment prof...