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Hi, I got the demo in php from here. ( I added my login and TRAN key info. When I tried the demo: Create Customer Profile - workedCreate Shipping Address - worked but... Create Customer Payment Pro...
Hi, I have some limited experience using DMP with php website. Works well. But now, I have a need to use this but *also store the cards* (I guess with CIM) for later use so owner can re-charge the card randomely when needed in the future. Can we use ...
Hi all, I have worked with to setup up credit card and ACH checking account payments on a site. But now I am curious if there is also a way to support wire transfers on the site also... (or if that is even possible on a site)... Thanks ...
Hi all,When I do a test echeck submit - I get back:code 3sub code 2reason code 13-The merchant API Login ID is invalid or the account is inactive. I am using the same login that works fine for credit cards... Q: Why am I getting this and how do I fix...
Hi all, I am currently working with credit cards and the direct pay method DMP. Now I am also looking to implement ACH checking payments also. If any one can help me get started implementing ACH processing - I would appreciate it. I am now looking at...