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I'm looking for a simple shopping cart to integrate Authorize.Net into my application. Desires: 1) Free and simple to use and integrate2) I want to keep the look and feel of the app3) I want transaction details back when complete (don't need credit c...
Is Anet 1.9.9 SDK AIM compaitable with log4j2? I have the logging set to where I want it using lig4j1 but I've upgraded to log4j2 and it doesn't seem like my settings are being recognized. I've included the following from the SDK resources log4j.prop...
Does AIM's createAIMTransaction communicate securly to Authorize.Net and if so do I need to configure anything on my end to enable the secure transaction? My web sever is secured with a cert but it acts as a gateway to Authorize.Net and I want to che...
So, I have ANet integrated well into my system and would like to turn down the logging level for just card processing, not the entire system. Is this possible and if so how do I do it? I'm using Java / Tomcat / log4j and AIM.
Hi, I'm not sure this is the right forum to ask this type question but I'm setting up a new e-commerce system and have ANet integrated into my app using AIM and am looking for suggestions for a merchant account. I'm tempted to move to Square because ...
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