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Sandbox rejecting nonces for the last 16+ hours: Invalid OTS Token

For the last 18 hours or so, when we try to use a nonce generated in our sandbox environment, we keep getting an invalid OTS token. We haven't changed anything about how we generate or use nonces in our testing environment.


This has been happening on and off over the last several months -- suddenly the sandbox starts rejecting every nonce-- or sometimes almost every nonce. We get stuck for a day. Then it starts working again.




Hi @glyoder


What is the error message you getting ?  


Also can you message me privately the loginID for your sandbox account  at





Send feedback at
Moderator Moderator

I sent you an email with the sandbox login.


It's been working more often than not this afternoon. The error code is "E00114 Invalid OTS Token" followed by the nonce that was submitted.

Any update on what was going on? The problem cleared up after a while, as it always does, but I expect it to come back again (as it always has). says no issues reported for the month of June, but there was definite downtime for our sandbox on 6-20.