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I'm trying to find out if there is an API call that will return whether or not CIM has been enabled on an account or not.Right now we have the occassional customer who has initial issues with our payment implementation, and it often is a result of th...
Hi, Initial tests suggest that if the customer->description node of the createCustomerProfileFromTransactionRequest request is not used, then some oder details are auto-injected into the "description" of the Customer Profile in CIM. This is also true...
Hi there, wondering if you can help me understand why Accept.js is getting triggered two times, when I'm only (intentionally) calling it once.This is a screengrab of Firefox's "Network" debugger tab, where it shows both calls. It's the "OPTIONS" meth...
Hi,We are making calls directly to your API, and I'd like to get a clearer understanding of the differences that occur when passing in "ture" vs "false" for the testRequest value. Here's a code snippet, so give context:FIRSTLY:The "settingValue", in ...
Hi, I'm wondering if the data nonce, that is generated (and returned) by Accept.js, has a lifespan/expiration, or if it can be used indefinitely? Obviously, once it's been used, it dies haha. That much I do know, but how long does it remain viable to...
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