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Is there any sample code for building a shopping or virtual terminal with Vue.JS or Angular/AngularJS?
We have discovered a security issue related to Discover Card transactions processed via the virtual terminal. This does not seem to occur with payment via our website. With the CCV handling fraud filter enabled Discover cards are being declined. Disa...
We have succesfully relied upon the x_duplicate_window value being passed to block users who attempt to submit multiple transactions in a short amount of time. This worked well for several years, until recently when the value seems to now be ignored....
In reviewing the API coffee shop sample code (.NET), I see there is a function in the AuthorizeNet.dll called VoidARequest. It says "A request representing a Void of a previously authorized transaction". It appears there is a way to void a transactio...
We need to automatically bill for annual renewals of a service. It appears that ARB is more suited to something such as a monthly billing. Can it be used reliably for any annual billing or would it be more appropriate to use CIM?
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