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I store payment information in a PCI compliant database, and wrote a script to process transactions monthly. This has worked properly for several years, but in the last several months when I run the script it tries to process every card 3 times!Lucki...
I'm running my own PHP script to process transactions. The relevant section looks like this: $fields = array( 'first_name' => $cardholder_first, 'last_name' => $cardholder_last, 'company' => $company, 'address' => $street1, 'city' => $city, 'state' =...
My AIM system was working fine while in test mode, and I've just now changed the ID and Trans Key to my real ones and took it out of test mode. Just to double check, is the test Visa (4007000000027) supposed to decline at this point, or does this imp...
Can someone point me to where I can find a complete list of API variables? I found the FORM variables in the Docs and have been trying to guess what the API variables would be based on those, but it's a little bit like throwing darts at a board :-)
I'm very new to, so I'm afraid that I don't know the terminology to use here. I'm wanting the system to verify that the card number, expiry, CVC2, cardholder name, and billing address are correct, but NOT actually charge anything yet. What s...
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