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Did you mean: CIM Extension Plugin for WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin CIM Extension Plugin for WordPress Shopping Cart PluginThe CIM extension plugin enables the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin from Tribulant Software to safely and securely store multiple credit/debit cards to customers’ profiles when using the payment gateway.

The WordPress Shopping Cart plugin has a built-in (AIM) payment method option that accepts the merchant’s account details and allows the customer to purchase using as payment gateway.

Installing and activating the CIM extension plugin adds a checkbox to the credit card details form, and when checked card details are stored as a credit card profile for the customer in CIM for future use.

A returning customer is presented with his previously saved credit card profiles, which he can conveniently choose from to make immediate payment. CIM Extension Plugin Features

  • Extends the built-in payment method to securely store customers’ credit card profiles.
  • Allows customers to store multiple credit card profiles, and to select a previously stored profile for convenient, immediate payment.
  • All credit card details are stored securely in, not on the merchant’s website.
  • Installs and activates easily, as a normal WordPress plugin.
  • No real configuration required, just a setting in the (AIM) payment method to Enable or Disable CIM.. CIM Extension Plugin Requirements

  • WordPress 3.4+
  • The Tribulant Software WordPress Shopping Cart plugin 1.6.9+
  • The built-in (AIM) payment method activated and configured.

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