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CIM Ecommerce Integration with 3dcart and Authorize.net

As ecommerce websites move towards PCI compliance -- either by investing in home grown solutions or by migrating to hosted, PCI-compliant ecommerce platforms -- many businesses run into limitations associated with securely storing payment information...

Full-featured Python API

I just completed the Py-Authorize Python API for Authorize.net. It handles ALL functionality for Authorize.net's APIs including AIM, CIM, eCheck and Reporting. You can visit the GitHub project page here:https://github.com/vcatalano/py-authorize And t...

WordPress: Authorize payment gateway plugin AIM and SIM

We're happy to announced WordPress Authorize.net payment gateway pluginfor Ready! E-commerce WordPress solutionyou can find plugin here http://readyshoppingcart.com/product/authorize-net-aim-sim-gateway-add-on/ It work with AIM and SIM methods


Instant CIM w/ARB

The Ultimate Authorize.Net Module Process one-time and recurring credit card payments with this plug-and-play Authorize.Net module. Absolutely no PCI compliance liability because the module uses Authnet's HOSTED CIM APIs with lots of options and feat...

WordPress: Simple Credit Card Payments plugin

Process Credit Card Payments using Authorize.net on your WordPress blog or Membership Website The Simple Credit Card Payments WordPress plugin instantly converts your WordPress website into a payment collection engine. Installation takes only a few m...

Authorize.Net CIM Integration Extension from Gorilla

Safely and securely capture user credit card data on your Magento site to enable subscription-based payments. With this module, Magento merchants who offer Authorize.Net as a payment gateway will allow their customers to create customer accounts with...


3rd Party Solution Guidelines – Read Before Posting

If you’ve developed code that integrates with the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway and want to make it available to other developers, this forum is for you. Here you can promote your commercial or open-source solution to other community members. Here ar...