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Instant CIM w/ARB

The Ultimate Authorize.Net Module


Process one-time and recurring credit card payments with this plug-and-play Authorize.Net module. Absolutely no PCI compliance liability because the module uses Authnet's HOSTED CIM APIs with lots of options and features.



Instant CIM w/ARB is the ultimate Authorize.Net module because it contains a large collection of features in one plug-and-play component. It even offers something that Authorize.Net does not: PCI-liability-free ARB (Automated Recurring Billing). AuthNet's ARB does not have a hosted option (similar to hosted CIM), which means that credit card numbers pass through YOUR NETWORK, exposing you to PCI liability. Instant CIM w/ARB takes advantage of AuthNet's hosted CIM module, plus provides ARB-like automated billing, all in a PCI-free implementation. Credit card numbers never pass through your network!

Instant CIM w/ARB has the following features:
  • Easy credit card and ACH payments
  • Stored credit cards and ACH, for repeat customer convenience (PANs are stored on AuthNet's CIM servers, not yours)
  • Easy ARB setup (supports CC and ACH) + robust ARB engine to charge the right cards at the right time, worry free
  • 100% PCI-compliance-free, liability-free component (no sensitive data passes through your network, or gets stored in your DB)
  • Included database (script included) stores pointers to payment profiles, for easy ARB and multiple ad-hoc payments
  • Customers can add/edit/delete any number of credit cards and bank accounts (ACH)
  • Customers can add/edit/delete their recurring payments
  • Simple, customizable login screen
  • Admin screen to manage global settings
  • Save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in custom programming costs
  • Full source code included, lots of code comments, easy to customize
  • Can plug into virtually any PHP-based system
  • PHP and MySQL for easy LAMP or WAMP installation
  • World-class support from Zero Gravity Programming (clients and testimonials)
  • One year of free upgrades, fixes, and support