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Changes to SIM - undocumented, unexpected, not appreciated!

I just want to express my ever increasing frustration with over some recent changes that have been appearing with SIM. These changes have been brought up in various threads under Integration and Testing and include: amount returned with 4 decimal places (now changed back to 2), occasional lack of merchant e-mail receipt (also seems to have been fixed). But now, the change to the handling of declined transactions so that the merchant no longer has the option of tailoring the response or limiting retries...

I feel that the updates are being handled in a manner that seems sloppy, with apparent disregard for merchants relying on for their livelihood. Some of these changes have meant lost revenue or added expense. The changes have not been documented and there has been no advance warning. I now feel the need to monitor on a daily basis what the gateway is returning, on the lookout for any more changes.

I'm seriously considering whether I need to look for another gateway!:smileysad:


Hi shpeace,


Thank you very much for your feedback. You are right, some of our recent changes have not been communicated prior to being released and this is a problem that has caused many of our developers like you to become frustrated with us. We completely understand that every change we make impacts all of you and your livelihoods. And I apologize that we have caused such frustration.


I will say that I am passing your feedback on to our development and communication teams so that we can work on a better communication plan and avoid such issues in the future. I appreciate you letting us know how you feel, and I certainly hope that you'll stick with us and not find it necessary to look for another gateway.


Again, I'm sorry for the disruptions we caused this week.





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