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Using a fake CC number in test mode

I just recently used for the first time.  I really love how easy was to implement and test.  My only wish is that there would be a way to send through a fake credit card number that validates and approves the transaction.  I don't like having to send through a real CC number for all my testing.  I know about the 4222222222222222 number, but i don't like how the dollar amount affects the response code.  I'd like to be able to use a real dollar amount and optionally send through another field that will force a certain response. 


Other than that little deal, I think offers a great service and I will recommend it to future customers.


What do you mean by, "i don't like how the dollar amount affects the response code"?


I agree that it would be nice to able able to force different responses other then approved and different AVS and CVV responses.

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Have you applied for a test account?  With a test account you submit to a completely different server set up for tesing purposes only, so you can do everything as if it were a live account, but nothing is ever processed on the back-end.  You can read more details about it in a blog post I wrote on the topic:


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