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Navigational Menus above...

The nav menus above are boken, at least for me, when I am in the community domain. They appear to be relatively pathed, and dont know if anyone else has noticed....


Im using IE 8 just now to browse them. 

Kudos is always welcome....

Trusted Contributor

I just noticed they are broken for me, too.

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Don't you guys just love when stuff doesn't work for some reason? :smileysad:


I'm on it. I'll let you know what I find. Thanks for the heads up!



Developer Community Manager

Yeah I found it kinda weird, I swear it worked just the other day...


Did we recently move to the community.developer sub-domain? Or am I just being slow.....

Trusted Contributor

We made a change the other day to fix a couple of navigation links and wouldn't ya know it? We broke some other stuff. Woo hoo!


You're not slow. :smileywink: The community has always been on the community.developer subdomain, while the Developer Center itself has always been on the subdomain. But usually the links to the Dev Center from the community have always pointed where they should. But something broke in the last update.


We've got a request in now to get those fixed....I'll keep ya posted.

Isnt any software upgrade - site or system - defined as "taking out the old bugs, putting in new ones"?


Just standard practise I thought - call it Job Security ;)

Trusted Contributor

"Job Security" hahahaha, I like that! :smileyhappy:


Nav links are all better now. Thanks again for the heads up you two!