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Resend Silent Posts

Would really love the ability to resend Silent Posts! Sometimes my clients servers go down (yeah it happens :D) and silent posts sent during the time a server is down is almost painful to recover from, especially on sites with 100's of transactions being processed daily.

Please, please, please add the ability to resend Silent Posts. PayPal, Stripe, and many others support this capability.


Hello cartpauj,


Thanks for your feedback on silent posts.  I'll pass your suggestion on to our product team for consideration in a future release.



Administrator Administrator
This is a great idea. Ideally, you could specify a date/time range, and would then silent post everything again - spaced out enough so it doesn't overwhelm your hosting. With maybe a flag so you know if something is a post or a repost.
Or also have post everything twice, with a certain amount of time between posts. If your failure rate is say 2%, this would bring it down to 4/100 of one percent, or 4 failures every 10,000 transactions, which is an acceptable loss rate.