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So what do you think about this community of ours? Or Authorize.Net in general? Suggestions for improvement, as well as kudos on what you do like, are always welcome.

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say hello to everyone in this forum !

Hi everyone,My name is Mai. I come from Viet Nam. I am a newcomer of this forum just by chance.I love figuring out technical software like free magento theme or magento blog extension. I also travel around my country at free time. I am so happy to kn...

Pointless TOS and Pointless reporting to

I have continually reported a website for using to process illegal sales of illegal tiems. This has gone on for over 12 months and no actions have been taken. Why bother to even have any TOS if you allow sites to breach it and operate i...


Resend Silent Posts

Would really love the ability to resend Silent Posts! Sometimes my clients servers go down (yeah it happens :D) and silent posts sent during the time a server is down is almost painful to recover from, especially on sites with 100's of transactions b...


3 Features that Should be Added

So I have been using now for over 3 years and overall it is a great service and very reliable. Wondferul customer service and overall a high quality product. However, there are serveral features that my company has been hoping Authorize...

Android Authorized .net Sample code explanation.

Please provide Android SDK example with full explanation . I am using sample code which shows login id and password , i think it is an merchent account .But if user want to pay amount with direct Creditcard number, CCV, and Expiration , but in sample...


SIM - Relay Response Locked

I moved your question to a better forum for technical questions. Richard

SDKs repositories

Hi guys, I am wondering that nas not SDKs repositories that can be easily fetched/checkout. For instance github.

Add Composer support to PHP SDK

The subject says it all. This is a feature request to add Compser support to the PHP SDK. Currently has taken on the task, and kudos to them, but since this isn't an open source project, it should be on ...


missing documentation on dpm

in the documentation about DPM, under the email receipts section, it says this: To send the payment gateway-generated customer email receipt, submit the API fields that appear in the following table with the transaction request string. These settings...


Increase maximum length of fields

Hello, I have an issue with the transaction response from I am using a third party product and I found out the error occurs because the x_cust_id field in the payment gateway response is too short to handle the customer IDs I use on my...

SIM manual shortcomings

The section on how to customise the SIM hosted form needs a second look - somebody copy pasted...a bunch of times (see pages 23 to 25). The rest is helpful, though.


CIM Manual shortcomings

For the most part, the CIM XML manual is decent, but its tables of method parameters are really, really broken. Here is a screenshot: "shipToList" looks like it's on the same order as "firstName," but in fact the latter...


third party reporting tools

I am looking for a third party application to report on transactions on an e-commerce site. We are looking to report on which product was purchased and the transaction amount. Each product on our site is owned by a different vendor and they would lik...


C# CustomerGateway.CreateCustomer method overload

First off, this is my first time using the SDK and with utter lack of documentation on the class and method usage,developers are left to put 2 and 2 together which is not very productive. Anyway, I am using the CustomerGateway for customer related fu... SIM Question

Have an issue with the transfer of information from my site to When proceeding to check out, it can take up to 3 minutes to tranfer over to the page. Anyway to fix this issue? Server company says its an prob...

Pull Customer Transaction History

Hi All, We are using ARB subscription and CIM,we successfully integrated and using on client site.Now we have requirement from our client that he wantsto show list of transactions history to hiscustomers. We read whole API documents of ...

C# SDK Bug fixes for the Transaction Details API

So I just started using the transaction details api. I discovered that there several bugs, some relating to getting transactions, and some missing features that were available in xml, but had missing functions in the c# methods. First, the GetSettled...



Does anyone know how to change the API login information in Mail Order Manager?

CIM cardCode bug in Java SDK v 1.4.3

I found a critical bug in the Java SDK v 1.4.3. When I create a CIM createCustomerProfileTransactionRequest transaction, I do not provide a cardCode value. The SDK is generating XML that includes an empty-element for cardCode, when cardCode is set to...


AIM > Card holder name field

Suggestion: Add an actual field called "x_cardholder_name" or something like that. The "x_first_name" and "x_last_name" fields aren't sufficient for recording the card holder name. Some names just don't fit into those pigeon holes: For example:Robert...


C# SDK needs to be finished or better documented

In particular I'm talking about the AuthorizationRequest class which is in the AuthorizeNET project, AIM/Requests/AuthorizationRequest.cs file around line 47 One of the constructor overloads isn't finished. The code is currently: /// /// Loader for u...

Authorize.NET C# SDK Bugs

Hey Guys,Can you fix at least the following bugs in your SDK:AuthorizeNet.CustomerGateway.AddCreditCard(...)Replace:card.expirationDate = string.Format("{0}-{1}", expirationYear.ToString(), expirationMonth.ToString()); With: card.expirationDate = Str...

Hosting ARB at Authorize.Net's end

As of now Authorize.Net do not have ability to host the ARB Feature at their end i.e. if we wish to do a website integration with ARB Feature, we have to host the ARB at our end, I would like to suggest a feature where Authorize.Net brings in a featu...