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Status: Under Review

With Accept Hosted, when a successful transaction is done, a message displays that says, "Thank-you for your business!"

This message should be editable, as it assumes a particular type of transaction just took place, when it could be many things.




Status changed to: Under Review
Administrator Administrator

Some examples of messages could be:

  • Thank you for joining!
  • Thanks for your donation!
  • Thank you for subscribing!
  • Thank you buying from us!


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Just to followup, if you find working with Accept Hosted difficult because of the limitations like the above, might I recommend Accept.js?


You can actually now call a hosted payment form from JavaScript in the browser, and then return an encrypted representation of the card data back to your server to do all of the transaction processing server-side. It's the PCI-DSS profile of Accept Hosted without being limited to our receipt. Your server can generate whatever receipt you want and then display it to the customer.


I too have been looking around at how to slightly customize the payment and receipt pages, and see that using Accept Hosted doesn't allow much. Rather, you suggest using the js solution. I like that the Accept Hosted (redirect) is mobile friendly and is reasonably straightforward to integrate.

I would like to see even just minor customization allowed: font type/size, thank-you message text, and addition of small logo.


It's worth noting that the official API upgrade guide directs users of the SIM product to use Accept Hosted (so we did) -- I'm disappointed that it appears to be so limited. And what's with the hyphen in "Thank-you"? That's not even correct English.


The fact that you can't do even the most basic formatting is bad enough, but add to that the default formatting is so strikingly bad just compounds the issue.  There is the hard-coded bad grammar and another big problem is the merchantName field is HUGE.  It word-breaks if the store name is a long word.  It looks just awful.  We really need to have basic formatting control without having to reinvent the wheel by going to accept js.