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If you are also having this question that why most users want to migrate their data from OneDrive to Google Drive then you can go through this informative article that will provide you the detailed information regarding why and how to transfer OneDrive files to Google Drive. You can go through this informative article and find the manual and professional solutions to perform this migration. 

Some of the main reasons that generate this demand are:

  • Google Drive allows users to use up to 15 GB of free storage. On the other hand, OneDrive only offers 5 GB of free storage space.
  • With Google Drive, users get advanced security features as Google keeps enhancing its security features.
  • Also, Google Drive has a simple and easy-to-use interface while OneDrive facilitates a quite complex interface that is not compatible with non-technical users.

Apart from the above reasons, you can find more in this article. Additionally, it facilitates you to accomplish this task manually. The manual process is easy to use but has some limitations due to which experts always recommended opting for the best OneDrive Backup Tool to perform this migration.