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(270) Line item 1 is invalid.

I am getting an error everytime i try to purchase anything off of my website. I am using EShop for Wordpress.


The error is (270) Line item 1 is invalid.


Any help would be appreciated. The website is 


This is from the please wait you order are being processed... page

<input type="hidden" name="x_line_item" value="item1<|>Real aspen and Japanese maple leaves<|>a125 : real aspen and Japanese maple leaves<|>1<|>85.00<|>N" />

The Item Name is too long according to the page 46. It up to 31 chars and your is 36 in this example.



Thank you for the quick reply,


I just changed that product in the Product Entry and Product Options on the post. Still getting the same error.


Im thinking maybe there are others that are to long?

Yep, I try the a125 (maple leaves) and it work fine all the way to site.


And it seem the item name is still too long for other items.


One more thing. Is the green Add to Cart button suppose to do somthing?

The is the template that adds that button.  Do you think that would effect it?


Im going to go through now and edit the description of each product to be shorter.

Just shortened all descriptions and it now goes right to the checkout form


Thank you so much for your help

It not that it will effect anything, it just that I didn't know why it didn't do anything when I click on it since it was right in the middle. Then, I see the small add to cart on the bottom.

It just a distraction and people might not know to scroll down to see the other(real) add to cart button.

Very good point.


Im sure i can remove it within the template

re: the error I had to check to check a box steps in word press was dashboard- e-shop-products-myproduct that I am selling

and option set ...check the box.

the steps above are the steps I did to solve the (270) Line item 1 is invalid error