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3D Secure - help!

Hi everyone,


We're set up with 3D Secure using 3DSintegrator ( We're able to get the CAVV values but for some reason, is not receiving them. We're on PHP, and it would greatly help if someone can show us how the CAVV values are passed down to via PHP. Are we supposed to include "cardholderAuthenticationValue" in the payment assemble section? How is this value passed down to 



The CAVV is a property of the transaction request type object. I am not familiar with 3DS in any detailed way. My hunch is you would have to capture the CAVV from the vendor you are using and then pass that in the API call to authorize. The only way around that I can see would be if the vendor you use acts as a middleman and does the API call for you after validation, which I think is unlikely. Check the API documentation for whatever integration method (pure API, Accept suite, etc.) you are using and see if it is a valid request parameter for that method. If not then you are wasting your time even trying to pass a value.
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Thank you for reaching out to us.


Are you using the PHP SDK that Authorize.Net offers through Packagist / Github?


As per our APIs, you can have a cardholderAuthentication object in your request, where you can add authenticationIndicator and cardholderAuthenticationValue for 3D Secure.


More information can be found in the Request section of the Charge A Credit Card Transaction API.

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I am using cardholderAuthentication & authenticationIndicator in request but still it appear The combination of card type, authentication indicator and cardholder authentication value is invalid. error. Why this can you please guide me how to use these values in request



Hi All,


I want to know that whether is a 2d or 3d payment gateway?




Hi I am using cardinal for 3ds2.0 authentication and using as payment gateway. In some cards that cardinal has provided for 3DS2.0  we get  Cavv values as null  in authentication response and when we pass this value to API , the APi response as null.


I am using Authorise.Net  SDK in ASP.NET application with c#.


Please let me know what could be the solution for this.

Hi ,


I am implementing cardinal for 3DS2.0 authentication and  Authorize.Net as payment gateway , Cardinal provided testing cards for 3ds2.0 , which provide CAVV as null . While we pass this value in cardholderAuthentication  object of Authorise.Net  for payment , we get response as null.


Please help us to know how can we proceed with 3DS2.0/


I am specifically using .Net Library for implementation with Authorize.Net.





Chirag Ratra

You got answer? I also want to know that 2D or 3D gateway.
You got answer? I also want to know that 2D or 3D gateway.

we have had good results using Endeavour's service at


Basically they offer a wordpress plugin that takes care of the 3DS and is already integrated with


We're up and running with very little effort.