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AIM Authorize for funds

Hi -


I'm working with the Authnet SDK / AIM / PHP using a developer account in live mode.


I am able to get the code itself working using AuthorizeOnly() but it's not validating what I want.


I am trying to get it to authorize based on funds available. If I only have $5 available and I try to charge $10, it should fail. Is this possible? How can I accomplish this? I'm not familiar with banks/payments/gateways...


Also, how can I enable AVS on my developer account? I see where to do it on another clients live account, but I'd like to test it out, if possible, before starting up a new live account.


Thanks so much in advance!


Thanks for the info -

Is there any way to test this with a developer account? I haven't had any luck.

Since developer accounts don't actually reserve or charge money against credit cards, there's no way you're ever going to get a rejection based on insufficient funds on a developer account. About the best you can do is simulate the errror: