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AIM Prior_auth_capture

Hi I am trying to do a Prior_auth_capture and i notice that i can supply EITHER the auth code or the transaction ID. The API reference says to go with the auth code. Does it make a difference? Is one preferred for any reason?


The PHP API uses transaction ID, that's what I'd use.


ok thanks! one more quick question on the subject:


x_amount is only required when less than auth. if i omit the amount  field 10 returns 0.00. does that reflect what the customer is actually charged?


also, I am under the impression that capture only can go up to 110% of auth, is this true?



Thanks for the quick responses

Documentation says:


The amount being requested for capture is less than or equal to the original authorized amount. Only a single Prior Authorization and Capture transaction can be submitted against an Authorization Only.


As for the 0.00, that I don't know. Depending on implementation, it's remotely possible that a 0.00 value is being passed by the API and translated as same, rather than the field being left out entirely. My advice is to test and find out, I always just used the full amount myself.


Field 10 for a Prior Authorization Capture transaction currently only echoes the amount that you submitted for the request.  If you do not submit an amount, it will alwyas be $0.  This does not reflect the actual captured amount.


In regards to your initial question about capturing a transaction using either the transaction ID or the authorization code, I believe you are actually confusing two different transaction types.  Capturing a transaction by transaction ID is what we call a "Prior Authorization Capture" and it is always the preferred way to capture a transaction.  Capturing a transaction by Authorization Code is what we call a "Capture Only" transaction, this is also known as "Ticket Only" by many banks.  Capture Only transactions should only be used if the initial Authorization did not originate through Authorize.Net.  For example, in a rare case where you have to call the customer's bank for a verbal authorization.

hai all,


I just done an application with AIM with successfull output in AUTH_CAPTURE, AUTH_ONLY and PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE


i am stuck with two doubts.


1)  in AUTH_ONLY i gave 400 USD, and in next PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE i gave 200. It showed me successfull. But i dint received any info emails, then when i checked my mercharnt account the transaction hapened for 200 and no detail about balance amount. so is there a provision to make balance payment later. if YES then HOW.


2)  to confirm Affiliate Partner program i need to configure 4 cases i done 3, for the rest one i am left with 5 options


8. CREDIT (Unlinked)


which 4 and 5 are not needed. and so HOW  to do the REST 6, 7 , 8


help from all hands accepted.

1)Email are only send on authorize phase, if you want it any different, you will need to do your own email. You can only do 1 Prior_auth_capture for a successfuly auth_only, so there is no balance amount.



show the Minimum Required Fields

Thanks ,


can u help in my second doubt too. I have already Quated it there in the previous message. Can u refer it and help me in that.


Help from all hands are accepted.

Invoice # does not get updated when send with prior_auth_capture.

I do not send x_invoice_num with auth_only...what should I do....

save the info on your own database along with the transationID from the auth_only.