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Silent Post URL not being posted to when entering wrong card security code

I am an absolute newbie trying to get started using SIM and have defined a Silent Post URL.  This URL is getting invoked when I have a successful authorization performed.  As an experiment, though,  I entered a correct credit card number but an invalid 3-digit security code. responded with a 'transaction declined' message to the browser and I was not allowed to retry with a new security code (I got a duplicate transaction error when I tried).  However, my Silent Post URL was never posted to for this decined transaction.


I was under the impression that even declines are posted to the Silent Post URL and my processing logic depends on this happening..  Have I misunderstood  how this is supposed to work or is there a system problem?


Hi ronaaronson,

Silent Posts should post declined transactions. Is this happening only on card code declines or have you tried testing it for a different reason of decline like AVS mismatch or maybe using a test credit card number?

Transactions submitted with same amount and card information within a few minutes of each other will cause Error 11 or a duplicate transaction error. You can check this article for this error.


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