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AIM for card verification before CIM

Hi all! 


I want to know one thing -  if I am doing CIM do i need to do an AIM first for credit card/CVV verification?

Or can i do CIM only for all transactions?


Many thanks!




For CIM, the hosted option will always verification(fee) the CC for CreateCustomerPaymentProfile.

And for the XML or web service version, set the validationMode on CreateCustomerPaymentProfile to

From the documentation

testMode —performs field validation only. During field validation, all fields are checked. 
However, fields with unrestricted field definitions (such as telephone number) do not 
generate errors. 
If  you select testMode , a $1.00  test   transaction is submitted to verify that the credit card 
number is in a valid format using the Luhn MOD 10 algorithm. This  test  transaction does 
not  appear  on the customer's credit card statement, but it will generate a transaction receipt 
e -mail to the merchant. 
liveMode —generates a transaction to the processor in the amount of $0.01 or $0.00. If 
successful, the transaction is immediately voided.  Visa authorization transactions are being 
switched from $0.01 to $0.00 for all pro cessors. All other credit card types use $0.01. We 
recommend you  consult your Merchant Account Provider before switching to Zero Dollar 
Authorizations for Visa, because you may be subject to fees . 
For Visa transactions using $0.00, the billTo address  and  billTo zip fields are required.   
none —When this value is submitted, no additional validation is performed.  




thanks for the reply - so that means we dont need to dow an AIM first to work on CIM - if i am not wrong?


thank you

so that means we dont need to dow an AIM first to work on CIM - if i am not wrong?

Correct, it the same thing as using livemode on CreateCustomerPaymentProfile