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API Response Codes

According to the API PDF ( there are 45 return fields.


Using the url:


If i send




I get about 22 fields returned



But if i send




I get about 65 fields returned



I'm trying to write a handler but It's hard to understand what the extra fields are since it seems like it's 20 that aren't in the API document.



I now have realized that.  What I can't figure out is how to map the 68 fields that respond in CNP. The api pdf (non-xml) only lists 45 responses.

There isn't a field that determines CNP or CP, it the account that you have with


What do you mean the extra fields are from? isn't it listed on the pdf doc?

Some are blank(saved for future use), so don't map those, just follow the index on the pdf

Like RichardH said, you could use the XML verison, then everything will be in a node.

The current AIM NVP guide indicates there will be 68 fields returned (assuming you're using V3.1), however those above 55 are not yet defined.