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ARB Start Date

In looking thru the ARB Guide, it seemed to me that there was some restriction in there  that when the subscription was submitted, the start date had to match the actual date onthe servers, is that correct? So, if I am on the west coast and the servers are in the mountain time zone and I submit a subscription request at 11:30 pm my time, then it would fail because my date does not match the date on the servers?




I can confirm that yes, if you submit a subscription after midnight Central Time (the time zone for our servers), then it cannot be scheduled to start until the next day. If you are in the Pacific time zone, this means that subscriptions submitted after 11pm must be scheduled to start the following day or later.

Administrator Administrator

Hello, can you please confirm that currently time zone is Mountain Time(as stated in ARB_guide.pdf)? Also i wanted to ask, is your servers affected by DST time shift?

This isn't really a concern because everyone does the first payment via AIM anyway to verify the credit card. Therefore, you really will start the subscription with the second payment, which will be at least a week in the future.