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Sim/Relay Response can't pass those variables to another page??

I would like to make session variables from several of the values returned to me from relay response.  It seems only to work on an .asp.  I would like to capture some of the values and pass to another aspx. for database processing, etc.  I can't seem to pass the relay response values to another page.  I am new to this, can someone please tell me how.  The data is a little sensitive, so I wanted to use session variables.  I have used session variables before with success, but I can't get them to work trying to create them after the values return from the relay response and pass them to another page.  Please if anyone has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it.


You can't use session variable because the relay response is call from, it will have a different session id. You can save your info to the database before the SIM and get it on the relay response page.


You could create hidden input fields and pass your data to authorize. I use [project_][variablename] so I won't interfere with the [x_][variablename] fields that authorize uses. Authorize will send those extra fields back in the response post. You could catch those values and use them to do your work or to repopulate your session variables.


The relay response page should do all the database updating itself.