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ARB Update Subscription

If a users supscription charge fails due to a expired credit card or cancelled card or something like that.

Will the next updateARBsubscription request do a charge on their new card at the time they update the subscription.



A users account is expired on my application because their last payment failed from ARB.

My expired message gives them the option to update their credit card info, this function does an update supscription request with the new card.


Will he/she be charged right there to fix the previous failed transaction.


This is what makes things a bit complicated with ARB. If the payment that failed was the first one in the subscription, the payment will be charged. If it was any payment after that, it will be skipped and the subscription will pick up with the next one.


Should I just delete the users subscription and make a new one in the same function to correct this.

So the user would update their payment info and in return the user would be getting a totaly new subscription as far as is concerned.


and in my database it will be as if he is continueing just with a different subscription id.


Soes this seem logical.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I suppose you could do that if you think it would be simpler for you.