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ARB and Silent Posts Issue

Hello All!


I'm hoping someone can help me out.  


I have silent posting set up and am receiving posts ok, the problem is that I am receiving several ARB silent posts at the same time and am missing some as a result due to the 2 second time limit we have to accept the post.  I am only receiving the data and dumping it to a file, nothing fancy.  Here are some example time stamps from the server log file for silent posts on 2/9/2012.


2012-02-09 10:15:23 
2012-02-09 10:15:23 
2012-02-09 10:15:23 
2012-02-09 10:15:24 


Is sending them at the same time and if they are, why?


Has anyone else had this problem and how did you resolve it?






Web servers are supposed to be able to handle at least dozens, if not hundreds, of simultaneous requests. and it should only take a small fraction of a second for each request anyway, even if you're interacting with your database. What kind of hosting are you using?


EDIT: You ought to be able to pick up these charges via the Transaction Details API as well, if you can't get Silent Post to work 100%.


We've had to handle dropped notifications in a handful of customer accounts.  One customer schedules all their ARB profiles to bill on the same day ... so naturally there is a spike of Silent Post activity on the day the batch runs.  Unfortunately, AuthNet sends them in one big hurry and walks away, so they overload the server and transactions are dropped.  I'd love to see AuthNet add a retry feature (like some of the more robust services do).


As a work-around, we had to add a utility that calls the Transaction Details API and compares what's been processed with what's in Salesforce, allowing a user to manually add any missing transactions.


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