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ARB from prior tran instead of cc number?

The arb api doc requires a credit card number for new arb subscriptions. 

See pg 10, CreditCard xml element.


BUT, the online merchant interface transaction detail screen on the web site enables an ARB Subscription to be created from a previous transaction. 


I want to use the same capabiliy via an api--creating an arb subscription by sending a prior transaction id for a person. -- It would be also ok to use a CIM ref number.


Why: I want to create an arb without the credit card number passing through my system (to minimize PCI issues).


Is this possible now? Is it planned?





Well, that's not going to happen. The only way to create an ARB subscription from a prior transaction is through the control panel. You could, however, use hosted CIM for everyone, even the people paying a one-time fee, which would allow you to charge them again at any time.

Even with CIM, how can I use the API to setup recurring payments. Please note that only information I have is the Transaction id that Website A received and I don't have access to Customer's Credit Card details as website A is probably using DPM and payment details are being stored on Authorize .NET.


I would like recurring payment step to be automated without any manual intervention of creating customer or ARB subscription from merchant login. Also note that I don't have code for website A to change any of the steps currently being done by website A.

You'd need to write the sw to re-charge the customers every month via the CIM api.


Alternative is to use a subscription charges website such as chargify. They work with Auth.Net

I'm in the same boat. I've read in other forums that I would need to create an automated script that checks for the billing date and then submits a transaction through CIM. Unfortunately, my business is on a hosted web site ( and I don't know how to implement automated scripts in a hosted environment.

Virtually every hoster has some sort of automated task support, even on shared hosting. Log into your hosting control panel and do a find for "cron" or "automated" or something like that. If you still can't find it, call their tech support line and find out for sure if it's supported or not. Automated tasks are useful for a wide variety of things./

Found it, had to request Tech support to add "Scheduled Jobs" it was a pain at first, because the rep had no idea what I was talking about. Kept saying "We don't support this." I finally showed him an article about cron jobs and it clicked. Thanks.

I see Michelle's reply from 2.5 years ago about passing on the request to be able to created ARB subscriptions from previous transactions or from CIM profiles.


Has there been any progress on this?



If by progress you mean anything released to us, I don't think so.

Thanks, TJ.  That's what I thought but just wanted to make sure.



Any news regarding implementing the option in API to create ARB subscription from a prior transaction not older then 120 days?