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ARB issue without doing ARB manually



I have a site that is set up with and ARB.  I am not a developer by any means but I wanted to know if this was possible and how to implement it onto the site.


The ARB works fine when I manually go in and change the subscription to set up the recurring for future payments.  But is there a way to integrate it so the transactions automatically get set up to recur on a monthly basis without me doing it manually.


Sorry if this is a dumb questions and I know there is documentation regarding ARB subscriptions.  I was just hoping somebody could answer this one question.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.


Yes, you can use the SDK to set up ARB subscriptions using a number of different programming languages. I've implemented it with PHP, for instance. So the answer is yes. But I'm guessing you need more specific information. If implementing in PHP, look in the SDK in the doc folder for a file called ARB.markdown. This will give you specifics on how to set up a subscription. The syntax is rather different from that of AIM, but still not -that- complex. Set your totalOccurrences value to 9999 if you want the subscription to run forever.


If you're not that comfortable yet with ARB and don't want to spend days figuring it out (the callback feature is quite difficult to work out for the first time), I suggest hiring someone who's already implemented ARB and paying them for a couple hours of consulting.