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ARB not immedietly billing

My old developer made it so when someone signs up on my site it will set up an ARB, i get an email notification immedietly that an ARB has been set but i just realized 3 months into it that is doesnt actually debit their account immedietly, it just sets up an ARB which then waits 30 days to bill so basically members are getting their first month free to access of my website....


Is this something that i can fix in the dashboard anywhere, or do i need to code things in order to fix it with the API somehow? Thank you.


Need code change, either change the ARB to startdate or add AIM to charge the first one.


Hey i know considering im not a dev this is unrealistic info to ask for but could you be more specific? Is there a particular file to edit and maybe a little more in depth of how to? Either way i appreciate it the awnser thank you very much.