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ARB transaction submitted one day late?

I recently built a feature to log declines that occur at Authorize.NET (through both ARB and CIM) into our system.  I do this by calling Transaction Details API each night and filtering out all transactions except those that declined.


One of the things I do as part of this feature is to try to match the transaction to scheduling data in our system.  That way, we can tell if the declined transaction was one scheduled by our system or one that was entered by our support team via the Authorize.NET UI (i.e. Virtual Terminal, rebilling, etc...).


However, I've run into an issue with this where I've found an ARB Subscription payment that wasn't submitted until the day after it was scheduled to.  The subscription in question was scheduled to bill on 11/3/2012.  But according to the transaction detail, it wasn't submitted until 11/4 at 2:20 am.


Is this expected behavior?  I find it troubling that payments wouldn't be submitted on the day they are scheduled.


Yes. It a batch job, so depend on how many there is for, it will take some time.


That is frustrating.  Thanks for the answer.