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ARB with CIM

Please guide. I read this on web "Unfortunately ARB and CIM do not work together as you cannot retrieve ARB information with it"


Can you tell me how true is this?


I followed this process in my CIM Transaction I have setup


$cim->setParameter('recurringBilling', true);


Then posted the transaction. Logged in to and then clicked on transaction details. There was a provision of Create ARB from this transaction. Which internally what did is all common fields needed from CIM for setting up ARB like card info, shipping and billing address all refetched in the form.


exactly the same functionlaity is needed via APIs.


When I am keeping all my customer data on in Customer Information Manager via CIM. Same data needs to be linked to my ARB functions.


Ideally ARB needs to accept the customer profile id, and payment profile id and transaction ids.. to find out which customer, which payment pattern needs to be recurring as per the params passed from the website.


What's the point of having CIM if.. for ARB i need to fetch the data from CIM myself back to the website and pass it back again for ARB?


This is redundant functionlity.


Please help.. this might be my assumption that it needs to be worked this way.. but let me know the correct way.


ARB and CIM both are on so they must have a linking.





Why use ARB at all? Just set up a script that runs every morning, checks for people who are due, and then charges their billing profile through CIM. I've heard of people wanting to switch from ARB to CIM, but this is the first time I've heard of anyone who wants to use CIM to set up ARB subscriptions, since CIM is generally easier to work with.