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ARBGetSubscriptionStatusRequest vs ARBGetSubscriptionList

I am in the middle of a Visual Basic application which includes ArbApiSample.  I am able to set up variables such as:

Dim statusSubscriptionRequest As ARBGetSubscriptionStatusRequest = New ARBGetSubscriptionStatusRequest


but I am unable to define a variable as New ARBGetSubscriptionList


Do I need to update my ArbApiSample file?  If so, how do I do that?


Thank you,



Are you sure it is not ARBGetSubscriptionListRequest ? or could be that it not in the github code yet


You are correct, it is ARBGetSubscriptionListRequest.  And I now have my process working.  However, I am not getting the results I expected.  I am sending in the XML with <searchType>subscriptionInactive</searchType>.  I know for a fact that there is a declined transaction which tried to post on 8/18.  That transaction does not get returned in the API response XML.  What I would like to do is to be able to retrieve declined transactions from within a date range.  So for example, I would like to retrieve all declined transctions from between 8/10 and 8/18.  I have been unable to figure this out or find documentation which might allow me to do this type of request.  Any suggestions?

For individual transaction use

1)use the date range to find the batch id(s)

2)use the batch id to find all their transaction list

3)might need to use the transactionID to get to the detail