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AVS zip mismatch with Canadian credit cards



We usually get an AVS mismatch on the zip code when submitting credit cards from Canada.  Our sales reps end up trying different spacing and combination of letters to try to get it to authorize.  Mostly this doesn't work.  Does anyone have a high success rate authorizing valid Canadian credit cards?


One suggestion I heard today is to move all the numbers to the left.  For examle L5N 2V8 would become 528L5NV.  This doesn't sound like  very promising.




Hi David,


In theory, you shouldn't need to do anything special when submitting Canadian postal codes, as long as the card issuing bank supports the Address Verification System.  Unfortunately this doesn't always work in practice, but it is very hard to provide definitive advice on how to improve the situation.  If you have consistent issues with Canadian addresses, it is best to address the issue with the credit card processor being used, since they are the ones actually performing that verification step.  The processor relationship is usually managed by the merchant Acquirer.

Administrator Administrator

We are now in 2011 and we just started using for Canadian cards.  In the last 3 weeks we have had 80% declined Candian Cards.  We have removed the reject for AVS responses G U S as suggested and still we are getting almost all declines.  Authrorize tell me that our customers are putting in incorrect information, while I am sure this can happen, it seems unlikely that 80% will.  Does anyone have any other thoughts on this?  Other than moving to PayPal ProFlow Pro?



Very same problem. Canadian postal codes return an AVS mismatch. I've personally verified that the postal codes are indeed correct. Someplace, somewhere, there is a problem with the data transmission. I am also being told by Authorize.Net that the clients are providing the incorrect postal code information when I know that is not the case. Based upon what information is readily available, this is not an isolated problem.

One additional thing I wanted to add to my above comment. The issue is not isolated to Canadian postal codes but to street addresses in the US as well. When a legitmate and accurate street address has a letter in it (Wisconsin is a prime example) the Authorize.Net AVS always returns a mismatch. It appears on the surface to be the use of a letter rather than a number that causes the problem.

Did anyone find a resolution to this? Which merchants are you all using? I am using Chase Paymentech.


We also have the same issue.


Is there any tips or documentation on this?  Any resolutions?

We have seen a recent uptick in CA AVS declines as well, not sure yet if it's a trend or not. I noticed that we have only been sending the numbers in for the postal code for a long time due to old info that the numbers were all that mattered, but now I'm trying to find documentation/confirmation on this. Should we try submitting the entire six-char postal code without any spaces? We still have other cards being authorized without issue when sending only the numbers.




If you're having trouble with AVS declines for Canadian credit cards, I would encourage you to contact our customer service department for further troubleshooting.  They have access to additional tools and information to assist you.