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Accept Hosted Payment Page Questions

Hi - 

Working to implement a redirect hosted payment page for our shopping cart. 


Have a couple issues i'm working through: 

a) I am passing the individual line items for the order. I validated it is passing properly as I see the data in the completed payment order in the console... but it does not present to the user, it only shows the invoice total. I'd like to have them see the invoice total but also a list of all the items they're paying for. Is there any way to do this? 

b) We are using CIM for managing our clients. Previously when using the old APIs, we would just automatically save their CC# into the CIM profile as this is for a recurring subscription and we need the card in the future. There's a checkbox "offering" a client to save their cc, but is there any way to enforce it? 

c) We are passing "merchantName" which shows on the receipt confirmation page... but is there any way to get this to show on the payment page where the user enters their CC? Concerned that users may think this is malicious or phishing... it's a "different domain", does not have our logo, doesn't even have our name.. how does everyone work around this? 


Thank you!


I can answer a and c. For a, my suggestion is to have email as a required field. They will get a nice looking receipt from that has the line items. One possible workaround
For the payment page would be to pass the line items as a string in the order description. They would have to total 255 characters or less. The description also lacks any way to insert line breaks that I have found. So your line items would read like a sentence or sentences on the payment page.

For c, I have 2 things to address that. The first is on the page immediately before the hosted page I have text above the button “you will be redirected to our secure payment processor”. Then they will see the url on the payment page and feel safe. The 2nd is I am going to start implementing iframes. I ran a test several weeks ago and it is quite easy. The redirect method is like falling off a log, but it’s not much extra work at all to get the iframe going. I do not think you have any option to have the property called merchant name on the first form, but you can pass something else that is, like the description. Just put your name in the description.
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@Renaissance Thanks for the response! 


So you're saying Order->description should show on the payment page but lineItems->lineItem does not? Weird... 


Yeah, it's my goal to start testing iframes too, this is just a quick fast fix. 




On my first project I was in a rush and looking for a quick fix too. Had to get something up fast.

And yes, that’s exactly it. Order->description passes. The first payment page has description, PO num, invoice, shipping, total, and tax and that’s it I think.