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Accept.js c# problem



I am trying to implement Accept.ui into my site. I have the page set up and returning a token. My issue is that the code to create the transaction is not working. 


I am using the C# code from the example here:


I am passing the ApiLoginID, ApiTransactionKey, the amount, and also passing the generated token to CreateAnAcceptPaymentTransaction.


This is what is being returned in the header. I am not seeing anything about the charge transaction, so not sure what I amight be missing.

headers: cardNumber= expMonth= expYear= cardCode= dataValue=eyJjb2RlIjoiNTBfMl8wNjAwMDUzRjhCRUI5RUU5ODExNzc5OTgxOEI2RTdGRDFBNTYyNTRERTE3Q0RBQTQ2RTQ3MUFERDMxQjA4MzQ1QzQ4MUM2RUJCRjE5QjcyQjc0NkVBREZCMjkwNEQ4RkY2NDNFMDVGIiwidG9rZW4iOiI5NTMwMTQ4NzkwMjA3MDM4ODA0NjA0IiwidiI6IjEuMSJ9 dataDescriptor=COMMON.ACCEPT.INAPP.PAYMENT 1 


When I use the "Try It" from the above URL, I get the following response:

"transactionResponse": {
"responseCode": "4",
"authCode": "8C1Z7I",
"avsResultCode": "Y",
"cvvResultCode": "P",
"cavvResultCode": "2",
"transId": "60105181628",
"refTransID": "",
"transHash": "7F74F314BE0B2E9E3C650FBF9249C1B4",
"testRequest": "0",
"accountNumber": "XXXX4444",
"accountType": "MasterCard",
"messages": [
"code": "253",
"description": "Your order has been received. Thank you for your business!"
"userFields": [
"name": "MerchantDefinedFieldName1",
"value": "MerchantDefinedFieldValue1"
"name": "favorite_color",
"value": "blue"
"transHashSha2": ""
"refId": "123456",
"messages": {
"resultCode": "Ok",
"message": [
"code": "I00001",
"text": "Successful."


Not sure where to start looking. I would appreciate any guidance you may have. 




Hi @lbantley


Looks like this payment transaction is held for review by our Fraud Filters . 


Can you login to your Merchant Interface and check if you have fraud filters ON ?


Hope it helps !!!



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Hi Anurag,


The items that are in the system listed as fraud filtered are the items that successfully send from the Authnet code samples page that has the "Try It" code. When I try it, using my credentials, the accept.js charge goes through to my account, albeit as a fraud charge, but that is fine because the charge is going through.


Using that same C# code on my page, I am getting the token back, but the charge is not being created. I have surrounded the c# charge code in a try/catch, and there is not an error.


So I am not sure why the charge is not created. I am running from https://localhost when testing. Sometimes I will get a "cannot establish a secure connection" that referes to the controller.Execute(); line of this section of the code:


// instantiate the controller that will call the service
var controller = new createTransactionController(request);


Any ideas? Thank you for the help,