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After getting token using mobile SDK how do i charge?

I am using the mobile sdk for andriod and ios to create a pluging for Flutter. I am getting `COMMON.ACCEPT.INAPP.PAYMENT` as my DataDescriptor and i am getting a token. This is where the sample app stops 

Im able to fetch the token but what do i do with it after i get it? Do i have to create a POST request with the token to createTransaction? Will apple even allow that? 


Im just a bit confused if on mobile applicaations i can use to charge the customer directly or do i have to go through apple pay/google pay then once the payment is finished i make a post request  here:  

as just a way to have charges show up in the portal but no real functionality? Am i able to refund customers through when they use apply pay/google pay?


so maybe i have to make a post with 

    "createTransactionRequest": {
        "merchantAuthentication": {
            "name": "YOUR_API_LOGIN_ID",
            "transactionKey": "YOUR_TRANSACTION_KEY"
        "refId": "123456",
        "transactionRequest": {
            "transactionType": "authCaptureTransaction",
            "amount": "5",
            "payment": {
                "opaqueData": {
                    "dataDescriptor": "COMMON.ACCEPT.INAPP.PAYMENT",
                    "dataValue": "PAYMENT_NONCE_GOES_HERE"

Seems like this should be built into the sdk. 



You are on the right track, go here and then click on the tab for your language for an example. Since I'm implementing using PHP I click on the PHP tab and at the top of it it says "This sample PHP code demonstrates how to perform this function using our PHP SDK." Notice the link at the end of that string, so the next step is to get that SDK. Then follow the example code, get it connected to the SDK, and after some work you get it working.