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Android Sample App - Password Incorrect

I'm not sure if this the right place to get help... please forgive....


i've setup the Android Sample Application, but i cannot log in, i keep getting "This password is incorrect" yet i can login without problem on the sandbox site.

what gives? is there a setting on the site that i need to change?
a value in the app that needs a change?
please help me get thru so i can use it for my project.

An updated version of the SDK is now available on GitHub that includes better error handling and messages.  See for more details.

This is what i have. I have also tried with the new updated files and still get the same ligin issue.


/** Strings related to login authentication. */
private String deviceNumber = "";
protected static String deviceID = "shuttle"; // set_your_device_ID
private String deviceInfo = "";
protected static Merchant _merchant = null;

Where do i include “DeviceRegistration” demo path? 

Ok... i was finally able to login (PRODUCTION), after entering my device ID which does already work with the Production app. what i dont understand why in the sample app i am not able to enter what i am going to charge, also i am not able to charge using teh swiper (Shuttle) or (Developer Swipe) ? I am just able to enter a credit card number, Expr., and Charge. Then i do see on my production side that a crage for 20.00 comes in. Thats all i see in that sample!


Is it possible to have a sample that mimics the production app? Are we supposed to develope with a half done sample? LOL


Thank you