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Any way to get amount on Accept Hosted form?

I may be wrong, but I can't find a way to have the amount shown on the AcceptHosted form.  I'm not using IFrame, so that may have a way, but not the other method.  I have it working (in testing) to show the amount on my "cart", then when you click to go enter the CC data, it does not show.  The receipt shows it, but I'm a little worried about the "I charged that much?" customer.  I would just like to show how much while he is keying in the CC number.




Hi Tom,


The amount isn't displayed on the form during the entry of the payment information. If you wish to display this information to the customer during that process, you'll want to load up the form in an iframe where your code can display the amount in the frame border.

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well, consider this a request then.  Like you have an option to display shipping or address info and requiring email.  I know most people probably use the IFrame, but this seems like overkill for a simple request.  Besides, there seems to be nothing stopping someone from charging the wrong amount which won't be discovered until the receipt. 



One thing you can do is have the user confirm the amount on your side before redirecting them to the payment form.


Otherwise, there's no current way to get the amount on the form, but I can definitely see the usefulness in expanding what the form can do.


I'd encourage you to post this onto our Ideas Forum where others can take a look, contribute feedback, and vote for new features.

I had this same issue. This is easily accomplished by setting the hostedPaymentOrderOptions setting "show" value to true. You can also add fields for taxes and shipping.