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Anyone use I could use some assistance with MSPs (Merchant Service Providers).

Hello everyone,,

I use for my Shopify shop. I would prefer to use Shopify's own payment processing (which is via Stripe), but because I sell dietary supplements, I'm prohibited. assigned me the Merchant Service Provider (MSP) of Cybersource. I didn't realize this was going to be the case - I just assumed that everything is done via

After potential customers couldn't pay via their AMEX cards, I asked Cybersource what's up and they said I need to get a separate American Express merchant account. I though the whole point of utilizing is so that I don't need to contract directly with credit card processors...

I'm not sure whether I should stick with (I believe I already paid a setup fee). I'm limited because some won't do dietary supplements. Does anyone have experience with other MSP's I can choose? tells me that if I switch, it's going to be another 10 cent per transaction..


This exact question has been on the forum many times. You can talk to the merchant services department at your bank.
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