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Authenticating Credit card And Prepaid card

Hello ,


Sorry I dont know where to post the Queries , so I am Asking to you.


Is there Different APi,s for Authenticating Credit card And Prepaid card?.


Backround is:


I have Application which allowes User to enter credit card and Prepaid card information.using Api ,It authenticate the cards as valid and saves card information as valid.


Following Fields its setting :


  1. x_method=CC
  2. x_type=AUTH_CAPTURE

So what I can i see is there no difference in credit card and Prepaid card Authentication calls.


but credit card is workign fine and prepaid card tab is Giving problem.


can you Shed some light On this please. Or atleast give me some direction to post this at proper place.




What API does the application use? AIM? SIM? Regular CIM? Hosted CIM? What do you mean by "giving you problems"?


Some assorted pages having to do with prepaid card processing through


Hi gislowrulu, 


No, there are no different APIs you should use when processing prepaid/debit/gift cards vs. regular credit cards. In fact, there is no way for you to tell prior to the transaction whether a card is prepaid or not. However, you do have to enable the appropriate setting in the Merchant Interface to allow partial authorization transactions to occur. For more info on partial auths, please see our FAQ.


To enable partial auths in the Merchant Interface:

  1. Log into the Merchant Interface at
  2. Click Account from the main toolbar
  3. Click Settings from the main menu on the left
  4. Under Transaction Format Settings, click Partial Authorization
  5. Click the checkbox next to Allow Partial Payments
  6. Click Submit

Your account will now be able to process partial authorization transactions. There will also be dev work required on your end once you enable partial auths for your gateway account. You can see what that entails here.


Hope that helps.





Developer Community Manager