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Authorize.NET AIM with Multiple Items/Products using PHP?

Hi I'm developing a web application and needs to Integrate it with Authorize.NET AIM. I have tested the code provided by Authorize.NET it works fine for Single product. This code has an option to use for line items and is commented by default. I uncommented it and then used it but it only shows a single product processing no line items processing.


Please see the Authorize.NET AIM Sample Code


// By default, this sample code is designed to post to our test server for// developer accounts: for real accounts (even in test mode), please make sure that you are// posting to:


$post_url = "";


$post_values = array(

// the API Login ID and Transaction Key must be replaced with valid values

"x_login"=> "API_LOGIN_ID",

"x_tran_key"=> "TRANSACTION_KEY",
"x_version"=> "3.1",

"x_delim_data"=> "TRUE",

"x_delim_char"=> "|",

"x_relay_response"=> "FALSE",
"x_type"=> "AUTH_CAPTURE",

"x_method"=> "CC",

"x_card_num"=> "4111111111111111",

"x_exp_date"=> "0115",
"x_amount"=> "19.99",

"x_description"=> "Sample Transaction",
"x_first_name"=> "John",

"x_last_name"=> "Doe",

"x_address"=> "1234 Street",

"x_state"=> "WA","x_zip"=> "98004"

// Additional fields can be added here as outlined in the AIM integration

// guide at:




$post_string = "";

foreach( $post_values as $key => $value ){

     $post_string .= "$key=" . urlencode( $value ) . "&";


$post_string = rtrim( $post_string, "& " );


$line_items = array("

item1<|>golf balls<|><|>2<|>18.95<|>Y",

"item2<|>golf bag<|>Wilson golf carry bag,


"item3<|>book<|>Golf for Dummies<|>1<|>21.99<|>Y



foreach( $line_items as $value ){

     $post_string .= "&x_line_item=" . urlencode( $value );


$request = curl_init($post_url);

   curl_setopt($request, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0);

   curl_setopt($request, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);

   curl_setopt($request, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $post_string);

   curl_setopt($request, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, FALSE);

   $post_response = curl_exec($request);

curl_close ($request);


$response_array = explode($post_values["x_delim_char"],$post_response);



echo "<OL>\n";

foreach ($response_array as $value){

     echo "<LI>" . $value . "&nbsp;




echo "</OL>\n";





Please help to post mutiple items with Authorize.NET AIM.

thanks in Advance


Eww. If you're using PHP, use the more PHP-style implementation rather than trying to create XML requests. If you look in your PHP SDK in the doc cubfolder for a file called AIM.markdown (load in Wordpad or equivalent text editor), it'll give you sample code for line items down near the bottom.


tjpride...registered just to tell you how big of a help your post was...I've been pulling what little hair I have out of my head trying to submit multiple items and the method you suggested works so easily.  I appreciate it!

No problem. I really hate working with XML myself when there's a clean PHP layer to work with instead :