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what is requires so we can send name address etc to the API and get some Security Settings.

For Example:
If Name on Card does Not match the Name submitted we can be notify and decide how to handle.  Another example Postal Code don't match.
which API can support me by this data and what is the requirements??

You can use the Address Verification Service security features for address matching. There's also various card code verification settings, and the card is obviously going to be rejected if the card number or expiration date are incorrect. I don't believe there is name matching, however, since that isn't really considered a security feature any more.


To answer your question, you can just turn on all the security settings you feel are appropriate and have the transaction reject if there isn't a sufficient match. You'll get back an error code telling why the transaction was rejected, plus maybe some additional flags, and can deal with it from there - probably print out an error for the customer and have them fix what they filled in.