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Authorize pay-per-download?

I have an ebook I'm wanting to sell on my website and have been looking for a way to charge per download using authorize but haven't been able to find anything. Do I need to find a Software Interface Program that uses authorize? Can anyone shed some light for me or point me in the right direction?


Thank you! 


Hi there,


You may want to check out our Certified Solutions Directory to see if any of those would work for your pay-per-click model. If there aren't any that you like, you can always hire a developer to create something for you or you can do the work yourself using one of our APIs.





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Implementation depends largely on the payment model you're using. If you're charging up front for the downloads, you'll need to use a shopping cart + AIM (Advanced Integration Method). If you just keep track of downloads and charge whenever the balance goes over a certain point (to reduce credit card fees), you'll need to use CIM (Customer Information Manager) to keep track of the billing info so you can charge their credit card as necessary without storing it locally (which is dangerous and illegal) or having them re-enter it every time (annoying). Either way, it may be difficult to find a prepackaged solution that does exactly what you need, though I suppose you can download all the solutions that say they support digital downloads and implement them one at a time until you see something you like. Try the link Michelle gave you and search for the word "download" on the page.