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Automated 2 way batch processing

Hello - first post here...


We have an application that is billing customers at the begining of each month for their open invoices. Many of which will be paying by credit card.


Is there a way for us to batch transmit their invoice and card data and then get a response back from in batch format that we can parse to update the payment status on each transaction / account?


We want to automate the process and do not want to have to log in manually and download a file for transaction status.


Is there anything like this in place now?




Nothing for batch, you would have to do it one at at time if you don't want to do it manually.


I"m talking about sending 6 to 10 thousand transactions in one fell swoop.


I'm looking for them (AN) to return a file to me with the status of the transactions for each item in the batch, a few seconds later.


Is that not possible?


If not, then which other merchant account providers do provide an automated process for bulk transaction processing - any suggestions?



Hello @g3po 


We do have merchants who process once a month with similar or even more transactions than you require.  They have used our APIs to programatically iterate through the list, in some cases spawning multiple threads to improve throughput.



Our current individual transactions are taking between 30 and 120 seconds to complete.

Not sure there's enough architecture available to do 20,000 transactions in a single day.

There must be a better way to send thousands of transactions to AN?


Could you provide a point of contact to another business rep that is processing monthly transactions? Maybe I could get a better understanding of how to scale to accomplish 20,000 transactions in a single day.



Hello @g3po


That is very unusual that transactions would take so long to complete.  Is this in production or sandbox?