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Automated Pre-auth for amount greater than the transaction?

Hey everyone,


I'm quite a beginner at Authorize.Net and I'm currently configuring it to work with a WooCommerce Wordpress site.


I need to be able to automatically pre-authroize an amount greater than the order the customer submits online because shipping costs are calculated after an order is submitted and the payment is captured once the order is shipped. Now normal pre-auth works great if the amount captured is less than the order the customer submits; however, I want to pre-auth an amount for the shipping (About $300.00 additional) without them seeing it. Similar to a gas station, restaurant, or hotel.'


Example: Customer submits an order through the Authorize.Net Checkout for $1,200.00, but the card is pre-authorized for $1,500.00. I would then capture the payment for 1,400.00 once I have shipped the order.


Is this possible?


Hi @AustFuller2770,


That's a function you'd have to implement yourself within WooCommerce. For example, after the order comes in, you'd need to add the appropriate amount to the order amount before doing the authorization for the new amount.


I'd advise against doing it in any way that the customer won't see, though. The customer will be aware of the higher authorized amount when they review pending authorizations on their bank's site, and would likely be upset if they thought they were submitting their card only for an authorization of $1200 in your example.

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